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Mould & Water Damage Assessment

Mould & Water Damage

Mould growth within indoor environments can lead to potentially serious health effects in susceptible individuals such as the young & elderly as well as immuno-compromised ... Read More individuals. Conditions conducive to mould growth should be assessed and corrected, as soon as possible to avoid potential issues related to occupant health and building maintenance.Read Less

Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

The quality of water being dispensed, consumed and used in our homes and workplace is the utmost importance in maintaining our eco-systems and ensure safe potable ... Read More water sources for generations to come. Water quality testing provided by our staff includes sampling for metals, nutrients, microbiological contaminants and inorganic compounds. Our testing services is performed to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.Read Less

Hazardous Building Materials Testing & Designated Substance Survey

Hazardous Building Materials & Designated Substances

EMI can assist you in determining the existence and location of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mercury, silica, PCBs, within your workplace or home.

Infection Control Services

Our staff is trained to assess and assist in the implementation of management tools & engineering controls to prevent nosocomial or healthcare-associated infections as they related to construction activities in a healthcare facility.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality

The art and sciences dedicated to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control of environmental stressors in, or arising from the, the workplace ... Read More that may result in injury, illness, impairment or adversely impact the well being of the worker.Read Less

Fire Damage Assessment

Fire Damage

The complex mixture of potential contaminants released and materials disturbed during a fire requires a specific investigation methods to develop customized remediation plans.

Marijuana Grow Operation Assessments


Properties used for grow-ops may have significant structural, electrical and heating system modifications which violate building and electrical codes. These modifications may result ... Read More in increased moisture and toxic mould. Other contaminant present will likely include pesticides and numerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).Read Less

Emergency Preparedness Training & Evaluation

Service offered include: